Gate automation equipment

can be a very helpful and wonderful tool to use to automate your gates, or it can be an endless irritation  due to breaking down inconveniently. In our experience there are basically two reasons why customers keep having problems. The first reason being that the equipment has not been installed correctly, and the second reason being is that the wrong gate motor has been fitted to the gate. 

We aim to fit the correct system to service your needs, which will give you the peace of mind and assurance that your automation system will provide you with the service that you require from it.

sliding gate motors

In our opinion, sliding gate motors are the most reliable and secure gate automation system one can have. But potentially could be the most dangerous if the right health and safety measures are not put into place.   These motors can push a gate with a maximum weight of 2200kg, and because the motors are brushless, they can be used for extensive use. These motors come with a 2 year warranty. 

Underground motors

These electromechanical underground motors are brushless 36volt motors and can be used for intensive use. They have an onboard encoder for safety and exact positioning of gate opening/closing. They can drive gates with a single leaf length of up to 4.5 meters in length. These motors come with a 2 year warranty.

Above ground motors

These RAM motors are convenient to add on to existing gates, where fitting underground motors is not an option or not wanted by the customer. They are high speed 36volt brushless motors and can be used for intensive use. They can drive gates with a single  leaf length of up to 7 meters. These motors come with a 2 year warranty.

Above ground Motors

These are similar to the RAM motors but have an articulated arm where positioning of the RAM motor is not possible. These motors can pull the gate open, or even push the gate open. They are 24volt brushless motors and can be used for super intensive use. They can drive a single gate leaf of up to 2.8 meters in length. These motors come with a 2 year warranty.

Car Park Barriers

This is the first car park barrier with digital processing thanks to its brushless 36volt motor with a permanent magnetic field. The 3 phase brushless motor allows for unlimited use of the barrier and has ultra low power consumption. It guarantees very intensive use thanks to the gears with helicoidal and angled teeth. Opening and closing cycles: 24 hours non stop which is approximately 4000 cycles. 


Intercom systems

We use a wide range of intercom systems to suit the requirements of our customers. We use GSM intercoms which works with a SIM card and can call direct to your mobile or house phone. There are radio linked intercoms which are wireless and comes with its own unique handset. This however is dependant on distance from the gate to the house. And then there are the wired systems, which are best if you are wanting a camera and monitor unit built into it to see who is at your gate.


One can never be too sure about the safety of their automation system, as now there is a motor on your gate/door, it is now classed as a machine. Every gate system we install or repair, our first job is to assess the health and safety of the gate by law. This is a good thing as it rules out any potential risk in the future to persons. It keeps us vigilant to check everything, as bolts can come loose, and moving parts can wear down. It is also our responsibility to inform you if your gate is dangerous and advise you on the measures that must be taken. 


Although the photocells stops the gate from closing on a vehicle or a person as long as they are in the way of the beam, they are not necessarily classed as safety devices according to the DHF. However they will prevent the gate closing on your vehicle stopping any unneeded damage to your vehicle. On a swing gate automation, these photocells should be fitted outside and inside when fully open where possible.

Access control equipment

We supply and fit all types of access control equipment. Remote controls, dial up units, magnetic ground loops and even tag readers. Very popular nowadays is the GSM dial up unit. This eliminates the need to carry remote controls with you, as you just use your mobile to call the gate. Just about everybody has a mobile, so it is very convenient to have. It is a free call to the unit so you are never charged either.

All our systems are solar panel adaptable

We will always have the right equipment for you